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BBQ Catering

Cheeky Swine Hog Roast Ltd doesn’t just offer hog roast catering services – we also offer full BBQ catering in Cheshire and Manchester, complete with a full menu of its own for a truly unique event for you and your guests. The Cheeky Swines have come up with some exciting and mouth-watering BBQ ideas.

Create your own selection from the menu or choose one of our BBQ Boxes to share.

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Chicken Skewers 

Succulent chicken skewers hand made with delicious chunks of fresh vegetables

Lamb Skewers

Tender pieces of lamb sandwiched between chunks of red onion and juicy peppers

Chinese Style Pork Ribs

Pork ribs smothered in an authentic sticky Chinese marinade, perfect for the BBQ

Our famous BBQ Ribs 

Pork ribs marinated for 12 hours in our very own Smokey BBQ Chipotle sauce, ideal for a smoker

Tandoori Lamb Chops 

Mouth-watering lamb chops marinated in our very own secret tandoori recipe.

Tandoori Chicken Thighs 

Marinated in the same secret sauce as the lamb chops, the tandoori chicken is a must have at any BBQ

Jamaican Jerk Chicken Thighs 

Chicken thighs covered in flavourful fresh herbs and spices that bring the taste of the Caribbean to your own BBQ

Handmade burgers

100% Prime beef

Spicy Chilli Beef

Mint and coriander Lamb 

Can’t Stand the Heat Wings

Try if you dare, our very own can’t stand the heat wings, we have a variety of heat levels which covers the Scoville scale top to bottom… which end will you choose?

Mild, Medium, Hot or Suicide (please be assured, when we say it’s hot – we mean it!)

Cheeky Swine Barbecue Boxes

The BBQ Box

8 x Chicken Skewers
8 x Homemade beef burgers
10 x Hot wings (spiced to your liking)
Chipotle Slaw (side dish)

The XL 

20 x Lamb skewers
2 x Racks of BBQ ribs
20 x Hot wings (spiced to your liking)
20 x Beef burgers
15 x Jerk Chicken Thighs
Chipotle Slaw (side dish)

Veggie Grill Box

3 x Halloumi skewers
3 x Portobello mushroom burgers
Tandoori Broccoli
Chipotle slaw

The Big BBQ Box

16 x Chicken skewers
2 x Rack of BBQ ribs
Tandoori Chicken Thighs
16 x Chilli beef burgers
Chipotle Slaw (side dish)

Satan’s Hot Box 

Warning: Very Hot!

10 x Chilli beef burgers
10 x Hot or Suicide wings
10 x Jerk Chicken Thighs
Fresh Scotch Bonnet Pickle

Sports Bar Wings

40 of our famous wings marinated to your liking and dropped off at your door so you can pig out whilst watching the game, fight or race!

Vegetarian BBQ Menu

Thick cut Halloumi with chimichurri dressing )

Halloumi slices hand cut with delicious freshly made chimichurri dressing

Mushroom chilli cheese Burgers 

Large Portobello mushrooms covered in chilli cheese

Tandoori marinated broccoli 

Chunks of broccoli Marinated in our very own secret tandoori recipe

Halloumi skewers

Thick cut chunks of Halloumi sandwiched between delicious chunks of fresh vegetables

Sides and Jams

Homemade Chipotle slaw

Shredded cabbage mixed with our very own BBQ chipotle mayo. Goes with everything (V)

Potato Salad

A classic side dish great with any BBQ food (V)

Cheeky Swine Chilli Jams

Red chilli (mild) Scotch
Bonnet (medium/hot)
Devils Bhut jolokia (HOT)
Garlic and Ginger (mild)

Get in touch with us for more information on our home made chilli jams.

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A Passion for Quality

Cheeky Swine Hog Roast Ltd is all about quality of service, and of course, quality of food. We love what we do, and are forever improving our menus and recipes to strive for the absolute best experience for our customers.

Going The Extra Mile

Cheeky Swine is not just about providing an unforgettable hog roast – the team here we put time and thought into an extended menu complete with sides and even our very own branded chutneys and jams.

Meats Sourced from Cheshire Farms

All of the meats used for the Cheeky Swine hog roasts and barbecues are sourced locally in Cheshire. This way we know the animals have been treated, fed and cared for properly with a healthy, active lifestyle.

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Cheeky Swine often provide BBQ catering in the following areas:

Manchester | Cheshire | Knutsford | Poynton | Cheadle & Cheadle Hulme | Bramhall | Warrington | Oldham | Macclesfield | Stockport | Heald Green | Wilmslow | Woodford

If you can’t see your hometown in the list above, just send us a message to find out if we can deliver to your area.

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