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Professional Hog Roast Hire in Manchester & Cheshire

Looking for a professional hog roast catering company that provides hog roast hire in Manchester & Cheshire? If you’ve got a party or special event coming up and you want to hire a hog roast for the day, Cheeky Swine Hog Roast offer a range of options that suit your event plan & budget.

hog roast hire manchester cheshireWe regularly provide hog roast catering in Manchester & Cheshire areas for all kinds of events, including:

  • Birthdays
  • Family celebrations
  • Weddings & anniversary parties
  • Corporate events
  • Community events
  • Local markets & more

Cheeky Swine at Bramhall’s Got Talent 2015:

Hog Roast Machine Hire

If you’d like to prepare and cook for your event by yourself, Cheeky Swine offers hog roast machine hire in Manchester and Cheshire areas. We can come to the location of your event early to help set up and get the hog on the go, as well as answer any questions you have, then once you’re ready, we can leave you to enjoy your event to come back later at a time chosen by you to collect all of the equipment.

…or We Can Do The Work!

For those of you that want to relax, mingle and enjoy your event without having to worry about keeping an eye on the food, you always have the option of one of our Cheeky Swine team members to come and do the hard work for you. Let us know what time you’d like the food to be served and we can arrive at the best time to get the hog going. We can pack up once all of your guests are full up and leave you to enjoy the rest of your event!

Hog Roast Hire Prices & Options

Cheeky Swine offer a range of hog roast hire options to suit all event sizes and budgets. For machine hire only, prices start from £200. This will include everything you need, from the cooking equipment & stall utensils to spit-roast machine gas & tables. For a look at other options that include having a Cheeky Swine on board with the catering and the hog, take a look at our hog roast prices here.

We’re a Little Bit Different

Cheeky Swine are much more than just a hog roast company. With a family passion for cooking and food, we spend our time outside of events in the kitchen, developing new recipes for meat rubs, sides and our own Cheeky Swine jams & chutneys which range in flavour and spice, from sweet and mild chilli to jalapeño and scotch bonnet! We have also developed an entire BBQ catering menu for the meat lovers. We can provide self-catering BBQ packs or we can cater for you!

Fancy Spicing Up Your Event?… Take The Cheeky Swine Challenge

hog roast in cheshireIn 2015, Cheeky Swine paired up with Canada’s Mad Dog Cafe to release the Mad Hogs & Winglishman Hot Wing Challenge, where contestants go head to head against our home made spicy chicken wings. The challenge consists of 3 rounds, each hotter than the last (followed by a sudden death if contestants reach it), with the winner receiving a Mad Hogs & Winglishman Hot Wing Challenge T-shirt and all contestants winning their own personalised certificate.

Watch the video here.

Book Your Hog Roast Hire

So, if you’re looking for hog roast hire in Manchester and you want to know more about what Cheeky Swine Hog Roast can do for you, get in touch with us today by calling 07967 642 707, or you can fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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